What to Include in a Data Room

The virtual data room is a new milestone in the development of corporate cloud services and one of the fastest-growing business segments in the field of data storage and exchange.

What Option Does a Data Room Include?

Dara room firms are popular with companies seeking outward expansion through mergers or acquisitions, especially companies that cross international borders. Such transactions are more complex because they involve different laws, are governed by different jurisdictions, and require very specialized legal processing. International law firms are best suited for this job with their expertise in cross-jurisdictional matters.

The main options that data room include are:

  1. Window interface, multilevel system of bookmarks.
  2. Uploading data for accounting and analysis.
  3. Unique link for each object of the system.
  4. API for working with external applications and systems.
  5. Recording the history of actions on system objects.
  6. Customizing your user profile.
  7. Document Wizard.
  8. Mobile version.
  9. Internal and external data directories.

The decision on what to include in a data room allows you to build a production complex that is able to fully automate the process of converting paper documents of an enterprise into electronic form. The creation of the complex implies the equipment of the scanning area on the basis of any hardware scanners, depending on the types of documentation at the enterprise, as well as the transfer of unique technologies and experience in the creation of electronic information resources. The technology we have created allows us to make configurations for pipeline processing of data and documents from software components, as from “building” blocks, in accordance with the needs of industrial companies.

The Solution of Data Rooms for Your Business

Using the solution oа data room, technical documents allow:

  • To carry out the translation of all technical documentation of the enterprise into electronic form.
  • Ensure the construction of a centralized system for the collection, registration, accounting, and storage of technical documentation, structure the archival documentation (text, tabular, drawing-graphic, etc.), as well as unify the formats for the presentation of electronic versions of documents.
  • Organize accounting of documents generated at all stages of the design development life cycle.
  • Prepare regulations and mechanisms for storing technical documentation, as well as exchanging documentation with customers or interested employees without the need to create paper copies of original documents.
  • Form a knowledge base for typical projects and design solutions.
  • Ensure the acceleration of the processes of issuing technical documentation by improving the technology of archival storage and reducing the cost of recovery, distribution, and use of documentation.
  • Minimize the risks of irrecoverable loss of documents or other important technical information.
  • Prepare regulations and mechanisms for storage, exchange, and use of documentation.

Scientific and technical documentation with virtual data room – electronic archives of scientific and technical documentation of any complexity, including not only a large number of drawings and diagrams in a scanned form but also related electronic documents: reports on completed research and development projects, film, photo, phono -, video and telemetry documents, specifications, etc.

Virtual data room today is one of the most important aspects of integral security, no matter at what level the latter is considered – national, industry, corporate or personal, and which information processing object would not be considered – a global or local network, a computing system (CS), an AS or a personal computer. Interest in information security and information protection issues has grown significantly in the last decade, which is explained by the increasing role of information resources in the competition.